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Thermostats & Controls

Optimize your heating system’s efficiency and convenience with our comprehensive range of thermostats and heating controls at Tomkinson Heating Ltd. We understand the importance of precise temperature management and energy conservation, which is why we offer a diverse selection of cutting-edge thermostats and smart heating controls.


Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that enable you to effortlessly regulate your heating system, enhancing your comfort while reducing energy consumption. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration, we ensure that our thermostats and heating controls empower you to create the perfect indoor climate while maximizing energy savings. Trust us to deliver innovative and reliable heating control solutions that cater to your specific preferences and lifestyle, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment for your home or business.


Hive smart thermostat

Part of a larger array of smart home devices, the Hive thermostat controls both you heating and hot water through their dedicated smart app for you phone.


Nest smart thermostat

The Google Nest thermostat provides a sleek wall mounted thermostat to control you heating and hot water. The intuative app for iphone and andriod makes controlling your home simple


Honeywell Thermostat

This sophisticated, wireless heating control can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties. Each zone has separate time and temperature settings.


Will also wirelessly control domestic hot water and a mixture of radiator and underfloor heating applications within a system. Radiators can be controlled with Honeywell Home Evohome Electronic TRV heads. Allows the installation of multiple temperature sensing devices around the property without altering existing pipework, disrupting decor or damaging fixtures and fittings.

Built-in Wi-Fi allows remote access via a tablet or smartphone. Suitable for any home with a hydronic (wet) central heating system.

Heat Miser

Heatmiser thermostat

At Heatmiser, they are constantly developing new room thermostats, including wireless and RF models that enable our customers to reduce their energy consumption.


Neo is the most flexible Smart Room Thermostat solution on the market today – offering underfloor heating control as well as radiator and hot water solutions. The neoAir Wireless Thermostat supports Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and HomeKit and is always getting better with their free software updates.


The latest addition to the Neo family is their support for Heat Pumps with the HC Switch. The HC Switch provides automatic changeover of the neoAir Thermostats between heating / cooling whilst the Dew Point sensor ensures there is no risk of condensation forming on the floor surfaces.

Central Heating Pumps, Zone valves And Actuators

Behind every smart thermostat is the pumps, zone valves and actuators that control the flow of water through your system. An impotrnat part of any upgrade is to ensure these are working correctly to get the bext efficiency from your system. At Tomkinson heating, we can provide all these upgrades as part of the installation

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